Most sales people want to be given a quota and then be left alone to achieve their number, and not be bound to a CRM system that requires them to enter seemingly unnecessary information with no clear direct benefit to them to accomplishing their job.

Our software, both desktop and mobile, continues to provide sales teams with the most complete product and relevant customer information at their fingertips, allowing them to achieve their goals and quotas more easily.

In addition to well organized product and customer intellectual property, we automate and simplify key repeatable business processes, further optimizing sales people’s time. Most importantly, our software is roles-based and therefore more relevant and impactful to each of the different roles of sales team members, as outlined below.

With all your information on customers, prospects, and leads stored on a single online platform, everyone assigned has access to the real time information. This allows us to better manage our customers and account managers.

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National Account Managers

Organizing the intellectual property around national accounts is one of the primary benefits for every company. Organizing profile contact and interaction details is critical to sustain long-term business relationships.

Documenting potential gains and losses is also very important based on the supply chain impact national accounts can have.

Our software makes it easy for NAMs to document opportunities in the system to provide visibility across to you organization.

Integrating invoice data and trade claims data also provides the NAM with a deeper purchasing profile for each of their customers in near real time.

Corporate Account Managers

One of the more challenging roles from an execution standpoint, the corporate account manager typically does not have direct reports to delegate to. We understand the nuances of this role, and have specific logic to facilitate workflow and communication across the street sales force as needed.

We employ proprietary industry master data that facilitates the aggregate view of the local market data relevant to each of the corporate accounts, such that we can provide critical dashboards and analytics.

Region Sales Managers

We understand this role as one of the most important and challenging, related to fully leveraging CRM tools with both direct reports and/or Broker sales teams.

By organizing all the product and customer information in a more complete manner, and making it available on the desktop or phone while simplifying opportunity and sales initiative execution, we are empowering your region managers to be better than ever before.

Through the use of simple dashboards and analytics, we keep the RSM hyper-focused on the prescriptive task of doing items most important to making quotas.

Managing the broker sales force can be demanding, and our tools facilitate greater focus and efficiency with this process.

Territory Sales Managers

Most territory sales managers call on operators and need to record the outcome of those interactions. Our “Ultimate Sales Call” toolset makes it easier to identify the prospects that provide the most likelihood to buy. Our integrated Content Now logic means the sales rep is immediately aware of all marketing materials relevant to each product placed on a sales call, enabling them to be more prepared in advance with less effort.

We have placed great emphasis on the recording of call outcomes in a way that is both easy to do quickly and complete with needed information.

Our industry leading tools, are widely adopted and are providing competitive advantages for those companies using them.

What makes our platform work for Sales?

Roles-Based Software

Roles-based software means you only see what you need for your job, improving focus

Automated Workflow

Built-in workflow makes the selling and managing process smoother

Broker Integration Available

Integration with broker sales team means better communication

Powerful Mobile App

The most complete food service sales mobile app in the industry.