In the food service space, there are tens of thousands of potential prospects, and not enough time to call on them all. Sales people know how to close deals, but how can the marketing department identify quality targets for direct marketing campaigns that will qualify interest,  then be handed to the sales team to bolster their opportunity pipeline?

Our sales initiative management software helps to seamlessly integrate well-qualified marketing targets with a highly defined opportunity-driven sales process, giving marketing departments enhanced control over the efficiency of new product rollouts and other focus product campaigns.

While sales people maintain worthy opportunities necessary to achieve their quotas, marketing associates can utilize a well-organized operator database with competitive information and no-sale reasons, which can then be leveraged for indirect marketing campaigns.

Custom dashboards and critical analytics provide additional insight for marketing teams, ensuring the efficacy of future campaigns.

FSEnablers is a valued and effective business partner for our sales and marketing team. Their systems provide visibility to our sales pipeline and enable easy communication of business initiatives and tools to our sales team and agency sales partners.

Robin JensenDir. of Marketing, BAF

What makes our platform special for Marketing & Product Management?

Ability to pull qualified targets and execute on marketing campaigns

Sales Initiative Management empowers marketing with communicating the initiative parameters, then gives oversight into the process

An integrated Product Library means product marketing assets can be automatically delivered to broker sales teams during the sales call process