Benefits for Sales

The entire point of sales enablement technology is to support sales teams and free up their time to sell more – not to tie them to a desk with burdensome administrative tasks.

Naturally, sales call status updates are important when it comes to maintaining opportunity pipeline integrity, but the hidden value of our go-to-market solution is the accessibility it provides to critical sales materials on the fly, workflows, and support systems.

Our applications benefit all sales team members:

  1. National Account Managers
  2. Corporate Account Managers
  3. Regional Sales Managers
  4. Territory Sales Managers
  5. Broker Sales Partners

Key Capabilities for Sales

Role-Based User Experience

Improve focus by showing each team member exactly what they need to perform their job with excellence.

Automated Workflows

Built-in workflows make the selling and managing process smoother and more efficient.

Broker Collaboration

Easily communicate goals and initiatives to your broker sales teams, with stronger collaboration resulting in greater success.

Mobile App

The most complete foodservice sales app in the industry gives your team a competitive edge, wherever they are.

Benefits for Marketing

Coordination between marketing and sales is critical. Your teams can only succeed when campaigns have clear targets, focus products and objectives. Without a system that’s easy to use and cross-functional in nature, you’re not giving yourself every advantage.

Marketing teams will benefit from our sales enablement tools through collaboration and curation to set sales up for success.

Key Capabilities for Marketing

Identify White Space

Uncover quality targets within the framework of our delivery level account mapping.

Manage Sales Initiatives

Tie your key targets to a defined initiative for efficient product rollouts and other product campaigns.

Curate Content

The product library houses your marketing assets for sales teams and brokers to easily share when calling on accounts.

Maintain Performance Visibility

Dashboards and reporting allow you to see campaign performance in real time.

Benefits for C-Level Leaders

Software is only as helpful as its lowest level of utilization, which is why our sales enablement platform works so well for foodservice teams.

It’s intuitive and efficient to use. Customer support is foodservice familiar. Your team will quickly adopt the system, recording and reconciling their performance.

You’ll have access to performance and pipeline measurements that can be relied upon to run the business.

Key Capabilities for the C-Suite

Performance Visibility

Have your team set reports to run on a specific cadence and with specific stats to keep you informed.

Cross-functional Collaboration

Your sales and marketing teams will be able to plan and execute growth initiatives together within the system. 

Industry Exposure

The GS1 catalog puts your product info into the hands of brokers and buyers who use the 1FS app and segment websites. 

Integration Advantages

Integrate your sales enablement and trade management applications to get a fuller, bigger picture.

Are You Ready to Sell Smarter?

There’s a better way to enable your foodservice sales organization and partners. Our software is the only solution built with industry expertise and supported by master foodservice data.

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