We’ve Mapped It All To Fuel Your Operator Analysis

Our operator analyzer is powered by the most complete foodservice hierarchy in the industry, including GPO and CMC memberships.

Get Operator Insights:

  1. We take your jumbled delivery location claims data and organize them, matching them up with the appropriate operators
  2. Operators are associated with the GPOs, Buying Groups, and Contract Management Companies they buy through or belong to.
  3. This allows you to see sales performance at the level you need: operator level or rolled-up to the top.

Data Goes In. Insights Come Out.

Loading your claims data into a platform that’s integrated with your CRM provides powerful insights – going beyond simply showing your team where they are selling, and where they should be selling, but empowering the next sales step.

Claims from the broader Blacksmith ecosystem can be integrated with the operator analysis engine, saving additional steps and creating deeper synergy between trade and sales.

The Operator Analyzer Answers Your Most Burning Questions

Here’s what you can do with the operator analyzer:

  1. Filter by segment, buying group or GPO, territory and product
  2. Audit double dip exclusions
  3. Discover white space opportunities
  4. Review analytics dashboards
  5. Guide your brokers and internal team to where they can sell more

This Tool Is Getting All The Attention

Delivery level operator insights are the holy grail of foodservice reporting. Don’t let your competitors have better intel than you do.

I'm Ready for Operator Insights