There are a lot of complexities to managing your food service go-to-market process – we make it easier.

Below are some of the commonly asked questions we hear – just click on the question to see the answer. If you have further inquiries, please contact us via email or at (716) 819-6600.

Do I have to buy into the whole platform to get started?

No – You can start with whatever tools address your current focus issue, then add tools later if you want. For example, many of our clients started on the platform by publishing their product data to us through GS1. The product info is then conveyed to their internal and broker sales teams via the 1FS mobile product library app.

Can purchasing data be integrated into the customer profiles for real sales insights?

Absolutely.  Bringing your invoice-level sales data in to our Food Service CRM customer database is a great way to give your sales team the insights they need to sell more.  This is a core capability of our software and we encourage this type of integration with your ERP or sales reporting system.

Can your CRM tool work with an external Trade Management system?

Yes! Our CRM system can bring in well-formatted files from your Trade Management system so that our sales team has a full view of not only what the customer is buying, but what discounts are in place. We also have a full Trade Management software offering that can bolt on to the CRM system, saving you time and money.  A fully integrated Go-To-Market solution consisting of Product Management, CRM and Trade Management software is now possible for the first time in Food Service!

How is a Food Service CRM different from any other CRM?

Food Service is a complex business that requires a different level of customer and prospect categorization as well as specific functionality to make your sales team as efficient as possible that generic CRM systems do not have.  In order to get that type of functionality from a generic CRM system, a costly and time-consuming customization project would have to be engaged.

If our brokers use your CRM, does that make it easier for us to share data with them?

Yes, it does, but it doesn’t matter what CRM system your trading partners use as sharing data is simply the exchange of well formatted files that should be able to be exported out of any CRM system.  The key is that a well-defined process between you and any of your trading partners that you want to share data with is agreed upon.