A Powerful Product Catalog and Library App

Aggregate data and content to create the ideal product resource for your internal and outsourced sales teams.

Our GS1-enabled product catalog and 1FS library put the right information in the hands of those who need to sell and those who wish to buy.

These tools organize and disperse product information, spec sheets, videos, nutritional info, distributor SKUs, DOT status and code, private label data, and more.

For Your Team

Our data management tools provide the ideal solution for communicating with and providing content to your sales force.  

For Your Brokers

Critical distributor sku information and other documents keep selling simple for your broker team. 

For Schools & Customers

The largest K-12 customers use our database to plan their bids. With your products in our database, you’ll get a leg up.

We Map Foodservice Customer Data So You Don’t Have To

We call our customer hierarchy the 1FS Family Tree. It’s one repository for all foodservice customer relationships, down to the delivery locations. This data powers: 

  1. CRM account data and relationships
  2. Analyzer tools
  3. Broker managed access 
  4. Proprietary brands
  5. Rolled-up reporting 

Step 1: Organize

Step 2: Gain Insights

Once your product, prospect, operator and distributor data is organized, you can start adding in sales data to uncover insights about where to sell.

Demo Data Capabilities

Ready For Delivery Level Data?

There’s a better way to enable your foodservice sales organization and partners. Our software is the only solution built with industry expertise and supported by master foodservice data.

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