Our CRM Comes Pre-Loaded With Foodservice Master Customer Data

If you’ve ever tried to get customer data into a CRM (and keep it updated) you probably have some forehead bruises to prove the frustration.

Our CRM comes pre-loaded with master data, mobile tools, and many other features you’ll wish you had.

  • Avoid the painful maintenance of cleansing customer data
  • Connect location level businesses with parent accounts
  • Update opportunities in a system that simplifies the complexity of foodservice transactions
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Master Data Libraries

Integrated product, asset, and customer data is the foundation you need for CRM success.

Sales Call Management

Knowing who to call, when to call, and what to sell is easy with our CRM call management capabilities.  

Opportunity Management

Easily log and track opportunities while supporting various ownership roles and tasks.

Initiative Management

Focus and facilitate sales initiatives between internal and external parties within the application. 

“With all your information on customers, prospects, and leads stored on a single online platform, everyone assigned has access to the real-time information.

This allows us to better manage our customers and account managers.”

Customer Testimonial
Lactalis Culinary

Go-To-Market Support Solutions

Taking care of customers means more than record-keeping in your CRM, that’s why we have additional capabilities to support:

  • Sample management
  • Complaint management
  • List management
  • Extensive training
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You’ll See Benefits As We Lift The Burden

If you’ve struggled with CRM success in the past, you’re not alone. Here’s why our solution is the clear winner in foodservice.

Fit For The Industry

Foodservice complexity shows up in layered customer relationshipsWe know how these convoluted associations work and keep customer data fresh. It’s then fed into our CRM instances, saving clients the pain of maintaining account data and parent-child relationships – all without costly customization projects.  

Focused On Simplicity

Yes, some amount of work has to go into CRM upkeep to ensure its value, but that doesn’t mean your team should slave away in the system. We painstakingly consider each click to ensure your team will minimize their upkeep and maximize their output.  

Mobile & Desktop Friendly

While you may be on the road less often right now, that won’t be true forever and everywhere accessibility is the gold standard in CRM. We offer a highly intuitive user experience on our CRM mobile app. Get your foodservice data whenever and wherever you need it. 

Easily Integrate With Other Applications

Our CRM integrates with sister-solutions from Blacksmith Applications, most importantly – trade management.

Get a full view of what the customer is buying and what discounts are in place.

Our fully integrated go-to-market solution helps you know exactly where to sell and the optimal price points to offer that drive profitability for your business.

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Learn How Our CRM Can Work For You

There’s a better way to enable your foodservice sales organization and partners. Our software is the only solution built with industry expertise and supported by master foodservice data.

See for yourself.

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