Keep Your Broker Team Informed And Motivated 

When your internal team and your brokers are all working from the same system, with the same data, it’s easier than ever to make collective decisions that move the needle. 

Collaborate with your brokers via our application in the following ways: 

Share Relevant Distributor Data

You don’t need to share every piece of data with every partner. Make sure your broker has access to the product content that pertains to the partnership. 

Provide Reporting

Give your broker partners year-over-year performance reports that show them how sales are trending right within the mobile application. 

Identify Voids

Get fully aligned on market voids. Give your brokers access to sales data that proactively directs their attention to the best opportunities for incremental sales.

Our Customers Work With These Foodservice Brokers

“These solutions allow Affinity Group to customize the system to fit our needs and go-to-market strategy. The ability the have a flexible CRM and order management system has been crucial for us.

We appreciate every enhancement, the forward-thinking of FSE – with or without feedback from AG – and the day-to-day support provided by everyone on staff.”

Affinity Group

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