Analyzers Show You What’s Working And What’s Not

Activity and performance analyzers deliver clarity and insights so you can allocate attention where it’s needed to close deals and preserve revenue.

Operator Purchasing Analyzer

Harvest your location-based claims data and organize it into a structured industry hierarchy.

Users can access simplified rolled-up information for their claims and easily see where the buying decisions are being made. 

Distributor Purchasing Analyzer

A display of sales invoice numbers against both products and customers.

Distributor analyzer data provides sales teams with the insights they need to know where they stand today. This helps to direct your team’s focus toward the critical growth opportunities to make their quota.

Syndicated Sales Insights

Manufacturers can also syndicate their sales insights to their brokers through the 1FS app, giving their teams a competitive edge. 

The 1FS app is a product content and sales initiative collaboration engine used between brokers and manufacturers.

Sales Performance Analyzer

Your sales team surely asks: How am I doing against a particular product category / a particular local market / a specific distributor? In other words: Where do I need to focus? 

Answer these questions for your team with our at-a-glance depiction of current sales status, pipeline, budgets, and quotas as well as a projection of the year-end outcome. 

Sales Initiative Analyzer

After a manufacturer rolls out an initiative to its broker sales team, be it for a new product or retention campaign, the sales initiative analyzer displays initiative performance rolled-up, or singularly. 

Initiatives can be analyzed from a variety of KPI perspectives like enrollment and volume quota performance, target performance, sales call performance and no-sale insights.

Opportunity Analyzer

The opportunity analyzer provides sales managers with various pipeline health indicators to highlight expected outcomes and put the team’s attention where it’s needed to not fall short.

The major benefit is pipeline visibility – showing you if there are enough open opportunities to achieve quota for each strategic product category. Ready, set, close!

Double Dip Analyzer

Sometimes claims are submitted by more than one entity against the same sale. The Double Dip analyzer lets manufacturers catch these claims, saving hundreds of thousands of dollars. We can also help you determine how to address these issues with your customers.

Sales Call Analyzer

The sales call analyzer empowers managers to focus on sales call performance against products, distributors, broker companies, and sales reps. Managers can evaluate sold volume, no sale reasons, and a variety of other sales call trends that optimize outcomes.  

Role-Based Reporting & Dashboards

The integration of your data in our analyzer unlocks a world of customized insights for your sales team.  

Role-based reports and dashboards direct individual focus to the most impactful opportunities, rather than splitting attention across all opportunities equally.  

Food Sales Enablers is a valued and effective business partner for our sales and marketing team. Their systems provide visibility to our sales pipeline and enable easy communication of business initiatives and tools to our sales team and agency sales partners.

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