Trying to remain efficient during a time of uncertainty can be difficult, no matter what the circumstance. You want to remain productive, but distractions keep popping into your head while you try to get your work done.

Here are a few ideas to keep in mind when wanting to stay as productive as possible without it having an adverse effect on your life and or business:

Keep yourself organized

A key element in staying efficient is organization. Managing the tasks you need to get done becomes a lot simpler when you have your data and information organized and easily accessible. Having information in disarray not only causes stress, but it also slows down your process, adding bumps to any streamlining –  the exact opposite of efficiency.

Does your company use a CRM platform to help your team stay organized? Studies have shown that using a CRM system can result in an increase of sales team productivity by over 34%. Using an integrated CRM tool supports better collaboration between departments, keeps your data centralized and easy to access, and allows you to pull the  sales and opportunity insight reports you need.

Setting regular reminders on your calendar or phone to update your notes or files also helps ensure nothing slips through the cracks during these unusual work scenarios.

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Take time for yourself & take care of your team

It’s important to make sure you take time for yourself! You can’t give your best effort with the work you do if you aren’t feeling 100%. Taking time to do that activity you love or spending time talking to the people who matter the most are just two of the many ways you can make sure you’re actively taking time to do things you enjoy.

A recent Women in Food Service article said it best, “Working at a distance can decrease the cohesion that arises from shared space and common goals.”

Are you taking time to also inquire with the status of your team? Making sure they are taking the time to be their best selves will not only make them feel like you care, but could also result in improved productivity. People work their best when they are happy and feel that their work is actively recognized and that they are contributing to a bigger picture.

Collaborate and stay connected

Another way to boost energy and efficiency is to make sure you are working in, and providing for your employees, an environment that fosters collaboration. Having an office that doesn’t collaborate can result in tasks taking longer than they should and a droop in overall morale.

How do you keep track of who is responsible for what? And what ways are you keeping track of tasks that still need to be completed? There are many different ways to approach this, but we recently wrote a blog post on five ways you can enhance your team’s collaboration.


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