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Go-To-Market (GTM) Process Solutions for Food Service

Over the years as technology evolved, vendors began to provide best-in-class solutions for a specific business process. We refer to these companies as “One Hit” wonders, and often they had very good software that provided value.

The challenge is that these siloed solutions required master data integration, and with this. more time and money was spent to maintain each singular tool alongside the other necessary tools

Much in the way companies benefit on the supply side from an integrated ERP system, we are the only company able to offer an integrated food service GTM solution, which provides our customers with a competitive advantage.

First, we work with customers to organize their complete product and relationship data, which becomes the foundation for integrated process software tools. From sample ordering, equipment management, to trade management, these are just parts of the automation included within our GTM platform.

As part of the selling process, enabled by our CRM functionality, these additional tools drive greater efficiency and effectiveness as part of an integrated solution.

We have several examples of additional process automation that makes the lower total cost of ownership and ease of maintenance possible.


  Initiative Management
  Integrated Product & Asset Library
  List Management
  Opportunity Analyzer
  Relationship Portfolios
  Trade Management
  Claims Processing
  Sample Management

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