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Food Service CRM
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CRM Solutions for Food Service

CRM is a nebulous and often confusing acronym that stands for customer relationship management.

Most companies struggle with CRM success, in large part because it is misunderstood and usually difficult to implement effectively.

Food service is also a highly complex industry and creates further complication for the outsiders who do not intimately understand it supply chain intricacies.

Implementing food service CRM therefore becomes even more difficult however the benefits of a more efficient go to market process will yield competitive advantages.

We have grown up in the food service industry and understand these complexities and for over 10 years have been leading the way to help our customers leverage CRM best practices to increase sales.

Our integrated go-to-market platform leverages master data specific to food service, with simple to use web based and mobile tools to provide sales people and easier way to succeed.

By focusing on the sales rep, and helping them achieve their goals more easily, our integrated food service CRM has a higher rate of success and adoption.

Internal support groups also benefit from our 20 year old cloud-based platform, support network, lower total cost of ownership, and faster time to value.

Sales people will adopt our tools more quickly because we organize important information necessary to make their job easier and to increase their ability to succeed


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